OpenAlchemist as an NES game (v0.99)

OpenAlchemist as an NES game (v0.99)


This submission is an attempt at reimagining OpenAlchemist, a simple puzzle game, as an NES/Famicom title.

What's interesting about this game is that, at the start, the player only sees three different pieces, all just being recolors of a single piece -- but they can open new pieces by combining the old ones. A developer is likely to sneak some "easter egg" pieces at the end -- which would only be found by the most experienced players.

It includes:

  • all 12 pieces from all 3 styles, reimagined in fully NES compatible graphics,
  • an 8x16 font with a basic set of punctuation (available in Grafx2 format),
  • some simple background graphics (which, for some reason, illustrate a 2P mode OpenAlchemist never had, but should),
  • a badly-drawn title screen.

It doesn't (yet^W ever) include:

  • any visual effects.
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This submission is based on art by Antoine Morineau (guigoz).
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