Painted Iso Roguelike Tiles

Painted Iso Roguelike Tiles


An experiment with painted tiles.

Single tile corridors are fully visually obstructed so doesn't really work.

The archive contains a PNG at full painted at resolution and the Tiled TMX used for the mockup. Full size of 512x256 but isn't meant to be used at that size as it is very rough and undetailed.

Painted with DawnBringer's 32 colour palette (plus blending).

fortress_of_storms_64x32.png fortress_of_storms_64x32.png 334.8 Kb [1899 download(s)]
fortress_of_storms_128x64.png fortress_of_storms_128x64.png 1 Mb [1834 download(s)]
fortress_of_storms_full.tar.gz fortress_of_storms_full.tar.gz 9.5 Mb [1110 download(s)]