Perfume Bottle (Persian)

Perfume Bottle (Persian)


This is a small .OBJ file UV-Unwrapped and exported from Blender.  Originally modelled as a piece of background art for a Desert market scene in a video game project, I've decided to put it (and various other pieces) on OpenGameArt for your personal use.  These bottles only contain Diffuse textures, as the video game project in which they were used was a 3rd-person Android App.  I used a single diffuse map to cut down on processing power.

This particular bottle comes with three hand-made textures, which are simple pallette shifts for the major bottle color, and the original texture of the UV-Map in case you would like to add your own flair to the bottle.

196 tris.

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Please attribute/credit "Panther-One".
Perfume.obj Perfume.obj 9.8 Kb [481 download(s)]
PerfumeBlue.png PerfumeBlue.png 34.1 Kb [407 download(s)]
PerfumePurple.png PerfumePurple.png 32.5 Kb [491 download(s)]
PerfumeRed.png PerfumeRed.png 31.6 Kb [201 download(s)]
Perfume.png Perfume.png 223.2 Kb [178 download(s)]