Post Punk Style (More music inside)

Post Punk Style (More music inside)

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Recently I picked up the archives with old (and not so old) music and decided to share it. Please enjoy =)

 But unfortunately I haven't projects, and I can't change my works. Sorry for this.

Actually it is my tries in songs (old works, some with vocal) in Post Punk (or close) style. Maybe someone can use them, or just listen)

Bladehand.mp3 Bladehand.mp3 3.2 Mb [258 download(s)]
Complexity.mp3 Complexity.mp3 2 Mb [198 download(s)]
Late.mp3 Late.mp3 2.6 Mb [194 download(s)]
Lines.mp3 Lines.mp3 3.3 Mb [186 download(s)]
Night Murder.mp3 Night Murder.mp3 2.7 Mb [191 download(s)]
Ok,next!.mp3 Ok,next!.mp3 1.2 Mb [194 download(s)]
Rate.mp3 Rate.mp3 1.7 Mb [186 download(s)]
Savior.mp3 Savior.mp3 3 Mb [184 download(s)]
When time has come.mp3 When time has come.mp3 1.8 Mb [214 download(s)]