Replenish Life Force Sound

Replenish Life Force Sound

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A health potion effect sound.

  • Stereo
  • 44100 Hz Wav & OGG Vorbis
  • 96000 Hz FLAC

Based on my voice with the following effects applied in Audacity:

Delay (twice) 
- Delay Level Per Echo -3
- Delay Time 0.01 seconds
- Number of Echoes 8
- Other defaults

Freeverb (approximate values):
- Room Size 0.8
- Damping, Wet Level 0.5
- Dry Level 0.8
- Width 0.675 

Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift:
- Initial Tempo 350%
- Final Pitch Shift 4 semitones
- Other 0 

Normalize (-0.01 dB)

Try it out yourself!

This is not a public domain sound! This sound requires attribution! If you want to use this sound but can not give attribution, please contact me.

You are required to give attribution in the form of:

Replenish Life Force Copyright 2013 Iwan GabovitchCC-BY3 license.

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Attribution Instructions: 
Replenish Life Force Copyright 2013 Iwan Gabovitch , CC-BY3 license.
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