Retro Space BGM

Retro Space BGM

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These are 2 BGMs we used in a Sidescrolling Platformer for Android called "Star Guardian". You are free to re-use these music files in any way you wish. I'd just like to see them get put to use. They are short because i like to save space on APK total size and one of the design requirements was to have NO additional downloads. Nobody likes to download more files after they install the game.

We appreciate some form of credit if you use these but it's not mandatory. Enjoy!

Star Guardian - Free to Download on Google Play!


PS - excited to have the official OpenGameArt audio badge ;)

ancientbgm.mp3 ancientbgm.mp3 357.8 Kb [582 download(s)]
introwavybgm.mp3 introwavybgm.mp3 272.5 Kb [387 download(s)]