RPG Final Fantasy Style - Living Everyday

RPG Final Fantasy Style - Living Everyday


Here's a track I composed around a year or two ago, called Living Everyday - World Music - (Azyiisenne Ese) The last part of it is Aphyan which is ROUGHLY translated to Living Everday. It's based entirely off the Final Fantasy X2 soundtrack. I was highly inspired by the music from Nobuo Uematsu. (Who isn't? XD ) I compartmentalized everything. It's not really supposed to have any transitions as this is more of a demo of what each segment of  the "theme" or motif would sound like for a specific region for the area. I truly hope you all enjoy this. :)

1st segment = World/Walk mode

2nd segment = Airship cruise (cutscene)

3rd segment = Party City (event only) 

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I composed everything in Garageband/LogicPro/ ACID Pro 6.0 build B or c. I forgot XD