RPG Sound Package

RPG Sound Package

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This sound package contains various sound effects from Heroes of Hawks Haven. All these sounds are made by Tuomo Untinen.

There are sound effects for combat, envinronment, spells, inventory and monsters. Package contains 53 sound effects.



combat: bow.wav hit.wav missing_arrow.wav swing.wav

Envinroment: alchemist1.wav bubbles.wav fireplace.wav seagull2.wav water-wave3.wav alchemist2.wav build1.wav fountain.wav smith1.wav water-wave4.wav birds1.wav build2.wav horse.wav smith2.wav birds2.wav clock.wav raven2.wav stream.wav birds3.wav cricket1.wav raven.wav water-wave1.wav birds4.wav cricket2.wav seagull1.wav water-wave2.wav

Inventory: dooropen.wav headwear.wav picklock-fail.wav ring.wav eating.wav lockeddoor.wav picklock.wav scroll.wav

Monsters: animated-object1.wav brain-monster2.wav giant-bee.wav animated-object2.wav brain-monster.wav witch.wav

Spells: cursespell.wav flames.wav levelup.wav smite.wav waterspell.wav darkness.wav frost.wav shock.wav teleport.wav

soundpack_preview.wav soundpack_preview.wav 1.1 Mb [445 download(s)]
soundpack.zip soundpack.zip 8.9 Mb [3107 download(s)]