Sharp's theme

Sharp's theme

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Here's the antagonist's theme song for Sharp.

When I wrote this song I followed the guidelines for his personality that is listed on the Open Surge Wiki regarding Sharp:


  • Sharp is a porcupine, preferably a fat/old one
  • Sharp is full of sharp spines
  • Twisted personality
  • Odd
  • Weird
  • Psychopath
  • Evil
  • Liar
  • Tormented
  • Guardian"

This song is an extract from Johan Brodd's song Scared and Scarred and is available on my record: Johan Brodd – Unjust Measures. A clarification regarding copyrights here: This loop uploaded here is of pretty lossy quality, which makes it perfectly fine for me to use as a game music. I own all the rights, and I fell in love so much with this twisted song that I decided to release it thru my record label to 500 stores online, 

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Johan Brodd
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