Spell sounds

Spell sounds

Augmentality (Brandon Morris)
(Submitted by HaelDB)
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Sorry the files arent just one sound. Its the same sound done more than a couple times at different durations so you can choose how long you want the spell sound or how short.


I posted in the preview in order of what I was going for

1.Healing (3 times

2.Teleport (3 times

3. Electrical/Spell 2 diff types

If you would like me to upload more spell sounds and have some in mind. PLease leave a comment telling me so I can do so.



healing.ogg healing.ogg 91.2 Kb [989 download(s)]
teleport.ogg teleport.ogg 77.4 Kb [950 download(s)]
electricspell.ogg electricspell.ogg 341.6 Kb [1174 download(s)]
electricspell2.ogg electricspell2.ogg 216 Kb [983 download(s)]