Super Candy Set (M484 Games)

Super Candy Set (M484 Games)


This is a good collection containing all sorts of candy items: candy, chocolate, lollipops, ice cream, baked goods, liqorice and others, all in multiple color themes.

This set is mostly new stuff, but it also includes some things from 3 of my earlier submissions:
1. An earlier smaller candy set called "More Candy" is included 100%, with big improvements and expansions.
2. The nice looking candy machines from "Candy Stuff" are all included, I made more color themes for them and also added "Gum" and "Toys" machines.
3. The simple candy pieces from "Good Fruits" are also included here, with big visual improvements and expansions.

Also the "candy boxes" now have all animation frames included; I used them as enemies in my recent CandyJam game called "Candy Heads". :)

In total this set has well over 300 items.
Should be useful if you're making a candy game. :D


Attribution Instructions

These graphics are in the Public Domain.
Attribution is not needed.

But if you wish to give me credit, then you can mention "Master484" as the original author, and maybe also put a link to my website:

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