Terrain Renderer

Terrain Renderer

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Here is a tiny set of terrain tiles with a tool (Blender file) to create more.

These tiles are for continuous terrain, where each vertex can only be 1 unit above/below nearby vertices.

Made per request here

Specs: the tiles are for a base grid size of 64x32. The tiles are 64x48 each, thus each step in elevation is 8 pixels. The first 4 tiles are the same, just rotated.

The shades of those angles aren't based on 3D light, they're self illuminated. Basically the lightest shade is the texture at 100% diffuse intensity, the medium shade is 66%, the dark shade is 33% (I simply made 3 materials with different diffuse intensity but the same texture).

During usage and in specific game engines, you might adjust some tiles up/down 8 pixels; depending on how the engine assumes tiles are vertically aligned.

Usage: Create a texture named "texture.png" and put it in the same folder as the terrain_tool.blend file. Open in Blender and click "Animation". It will create 22 tiles in a folder named "out".

I use this montage script to combine the 22 tiles into 1 sheet:

montage 0*.png -background "transparent" -geometry 64x48 -tile 4x6 terrain.png

(edit) Added two missing terrain options, thanks to Betalord for catching it and testing the results.

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None needed, but if you're feeling nice just attribute to "Clint Bellanger".
texture_grass.png texture_grass.png 209 b [1180 download(s)]
texture_red.png texture_red.png 8.1 Kb [530 download(s)]
texture_sand.png texture_sand.png 8 Kb [405 download(s)]
terrain_tool.blend terrain_tool.blend 499.6 Kb [350 download(s)]
tiles_grass.png tiles_grass.png 20.2 Kb [626 download(s)]
tiles_red.png tiles_red.png 60.7 Kb [328 download(s)]
tiles_sand.png tiles_sand.png 64 Kb [349 download(s)]