various old paper stains, drops and other

various old paper stains, drops and other


I was seeking for such things, but since nowhere to be found...

If you are preparing "old document" type of graphics, you should find this file very useful, it may save you like 10 hours of work, it took me way more to prepare this.

This is cheap printer/copy paper, like 10 or 15 sheets, that has been cut, torned, soaked in various things, dried, scanned in 300dpi. Later the most valuable stains has been extracted for you to use.

What you will see is a hi-res, heavy file with over two dozens of stains in various shapes, each on a separate layer. 

What I have not done is noise reduction, you'd probably want to match noise with your project anyway. Not much various drops and fungi, more edges and page folds.

So, you have your job now half done :D

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