7even Nation

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Hi all,

Just giving you a head up as I recently started planning and building a game called '7even Nation'. The game is going to be made on Unity using unity script (sometimes called java script but i think there are a few differences). It will be an action, adventure type game with some aspects of an RPG as there will be an inventory system as well as possibly having the ability to train skills. It is a medieval fantasy setting similar to Oblivion with some magical abilities and the player will use mainly swords and bows.

It is based on another world, with one 'supreme' race controlled by an Emperor. You are a member of this supreme race and works as an Imperial Assassin, a subset of the Imperial Gaurd (the emperors private army)

The brief story is:

you are summoned by the emperor and asked to perform a series of assassinations

Each figure that you are required to assassinate leads you to or tells you another piece of information

You start to realise that all this information adds up to one thing...

The emperor is not just quashing a small rebelious group, he plans to anhialate the other six races of the world

You realise you have been working for the wrong side the whole time and vouch to kill the emperor and dissolve the empire before they destroy everything.

It's lucky you were trained for this kind of thing ;)

You go about the bussiness of killing off important figures of the imperial guard and along with allies you pickup from the other races, fight your way to the gates of the Imperial city. (the same place as you start, by this time you and one other member are all thats left of the troop of warriors you gathered) Little resistance is given as you fight up through the city. You eventually kill the emperor and are simultaneously betrayed by the other remaining member of the group of warriors who stabs you in the back and leaves you for dead, on the floor of the Imperial palace next to the dead emperor.


Thanks for reading, if you found this interesting and would like to know more. There is the start of a more in-depth storyline here: http://opengameart.org/forumtopic/7even-nation-storyline

or you can check out my website here: http://gearedstudios.webs.com/

which I will be updating regularly (hopefully) with news and progress, and you can discuss ideas there if you register


P.S please give comments and critisisms (constructive) about the idea so far and feel free to ask any questions that you have though I may not be able to answer them all but I'll try

I've also attached some photos of the progress I've made so far