A Java based hex grid RPG

A Java based hex grid RPG

Hi all,

I have been developing a 2D hex grid RPG in Java (with scripting in JavaScript) for over 6 months now.  The project is now fairly mature, with lots of content (maps, items, creatures, abilities, crafting, ...)  I have used a ton of art from this website and also the Battle for Wesnoth project (due to the hex grid).

The combat is all turn based and uses a system inspired by D&D, old school RPGs, as well as more modern Western RPGs.

Currently the game is most in need of new tilesets.

It is currently fully playable with a Tutorial and a Test Campaign with about 2 to 3 hours of playtime.  There is also a fully functional game editor for creating new areas, creatures, items, and a lot more.

If interested, please take a look! http://hale.sf.net

I have a screenshot gallery available: http://sourceforge.net/apps/gallery/hale/index.php?g2_itemId=71

Any artists wishing to help are more than welcome, as is constructive feedback.