Animated Sprite Creator for LPC

Animated Sprite Creator for LPC

LPC Version just released. Development is 95% finished.
Download here:

I created Sprite Creator 3. I've always wanted to do an LPC generator but the images are massive compared to other animated sprites. Previous languages had too many limitations. This LPC Generator has been made with Unity3D and shows all 21 animations animated and a ton of categories.

95% of what I could find has been added but I haven't looked for new sprites in 5 years. So anything newer than 5 years will not be included I don't think. Adding new sprites is very easy.

About Current Version

Has a Patcher for Updates during and after development.
Light and Darkmode support.
Has VX and XP sprites from Famitsu and Looseleaf (commercial use with credits) already available.(If these sprites are against rules I can make a separate version for LPC.)

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