Ascension Adventure 2

Ascension Adventure 2

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You were a great adventurer, and now you stand an anachronism. The world has changed around you more rapidly than you could have ever imagined. Still, there are parts of the world unexplored. Off the Phalaen coast, on a mysterious island, lies the enigmatic Forge. It promises riches and danger to those who cannot resist its allure. You grab your cloak and trusty stick. One last adventure. One last score.



I've been working on this on and off for the past year or so, and I'm finally at the state where I feel there's enough to show. Hopefully once I have this posted I'll be more motivated to get on it and finish this.

I'm still using the Heroine Dusk codebase, with significant modifications this time. There are some new features, some implemented and some in progress, and a bit of behind the scenes revamping. Of course, the art is largely from this site. Some is reworked from Heroine Dusk or other sources and some is original (which will be posted here when the game is done).

Eventually it will be published to web, Android (WebView or maybe Cordova this time) and desktop (nw.js). For now, if you're brave enough to try it you can clone the repo on github.

Exploring the world. None of the brand new tiles are visible here, unfortunately, but this map was built with my extremely crude map editor. I'm hoping to implement four-direction "skyboxes" but I haven't done that yet. As you can see, I'm still not really an artist.

The new info page, showing off some of the visual style, the multicoloured minimap, and the equipment display. Filtering is enabled in this screenshot but can be turned on and off from the main menu.

And now we're fighting a monster. The combat system is probably the most dramatic change from Ascension: Adventure/Heroine Dusk. You can block, melee attack, ranged attack, run, or use an ability. Unlike Heroine Dusk, you can have as many abilities as you want but can only have two active at a time. Right now I have only Heal. On a side note, these buttons are mapped to the WASD cluster on PC. Also, yes, I know his face looks a little off.