Coral: A different witch

Coral: A different witch


My name is Aitor, i want to show you our last creation. We have work hard with it. We accept any thing than you can say to us about it. I will explain in a few lines

what it Coral. But first of all, thanks to read us.

Coral is an uncommon shoot'em up which mixes the fast pace and the shoots of the genre with RPG elements such as experience levels and the learning of new skills.

Very often the only way to clear a stage up is learning the necessary abilities and use them in the right moment.

In Coral you play the role of a modern witch who changed the broom for a surf board and explore the world in searching of the Black Witch, Coral has a few unfinished businesses with her and want to end all of them sooner than later.

Coral has been designed and created by Alientorch, a Canary Indie company founded in 2016 and dedicated to develop games for mobile devices.


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