Defeat of the Ancient One

Defeat of the Ancient One

Our game is Defeat of the Ancient One.

We hope to extend the game into a more complete experience and would love to hear your thoughts!  

Also we know the last boss is a bit underpowered.  We are working on it.  Toughening up an ancient evil takes a lot of work.  Many pixels have already been sacrificed.  



Defeat of the Ancient One is our attempt at a tactical RPG as an entry to the 2012 Liberated Pixel Cup <>.  You control three friends investigating strange portals that have opened.  Close (=destroy!) each of the portals and defeat whatever emerges to save your village!



Phong Le

Benjamin Liyanage

Chris Pennington

Emma Roach




LPC Submission version




W - Camera pan up

A - Camera pan left

S - Camera pan down

D - Camera pan right


X - Enter move mode (when appropriate)

C - End turn (when appropriate)

V - Cancel action (when appropriate)

"+" - background volume up

"-" - background volume down


Up/Down arrows - scroll through and highlight actions.

Enter - select highlighted action.

Escape - pause/ unpause the game.