Dungeonmore Chronicles

Dungeonmore Chronicles

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I am putting together different resources (2D, 3D, music, sounds etc) for a first person 3D dungeon crawler, called Dungeonmore Chronicles.

The coding is done in Godot, like Ogazuhl (https://ydgit.itch.io/ogazuhl).

Recently found a set of portraits by Hyptosis (https://opengameart.org/comment/78646#comment-78646) and made a portrait of a blacksmith, by cutting out parts and then combining.


The blacksmith image is rendered from a scene made from various elements that I made over the years, including the recent submission of modular house tiles (https://opengameart.org/content/modular-house-textures).


blacksmith_concept.png blacksmith_concept.png 1.5 Mb [4 download(s)]