[FIXED] You can't post on this forum in Firefox anymore.

[FIXED] You can't post on this forum in Firefox anymore.

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My friends and I were discussing on another forum how this place has really bad system administration.

Acording to my friends, they sys-admin refuses to move to another message forum software.  Basically this place was hand-coded in Drupal.  The main problem with that is users of firefox (a major browser.) can no longer post messages on the forum.  It is really bad, and makes the forum look really bad.  Someone wanted to post the the FLARE forum and asked basic things like "Why can't I use firefox to post to the FLARE forum? " 


I noticed it myself, and once I was informed of the problem,  I decided to post using Chromium for right now.  I fear if something is not done, such issues will continue to get worse

until this forum is completly unusable, a disaster for the opengameart.org community.