KenneyTopia - A Physics Puzzle Platformer made for an Asset Jam

KenneyTopia - A Physics Puzzle Platformer made for an Asset Jam

Mutuware from reddit suggesting having an Asset Jam based on Kenney's platformer pack. I took up the challenge since I've been building a platformer framework but never really "tested" it. I've used a lot of the art from OpenGameArt so I'm posting it here :)

KenneyTopia is a physics based puzzle platformer but instead of collecting keys and unlock doors, you collect gems which gives access to an array of spells that you can use to solve puzzles and fight enemies. I only managed to create 2 levels that requires the use of 4 spells. You can cut, tie, freeze and lift things. I didn't have time to do much in the combat aspect. Unfortunately, there's no playable demo since I made it out of the framework that I built when I'm learning Objective-C for mobile development and it's not cross-platform. However, you can watch the game play video below.

It was a really fun experience and brought a lot of focus in my development. And being able to use awesome looking assets for artistically-challenged person like myself is very motivating. Thanks guys and of course special thanks to Kenney.

Any thoughts and feedback are welcome :)



Character, Background, Tiles, Items, Enemies and HUD by

Spell Icons by J. W. Bjerk (eleazzaar) --

Animated freeze sprite by Daniel Eddeland

Music - "Cartoon Journey" by