Looking for people to make a good R.P.G. with

Looking for people to make a good R.P.G. with

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Hello I am Matthew and I want to create a good R.P.G. that smarter people will enjoy and is worth playing (not total crap).

I have been working on designs, concepts, art, note books full of this kind of work with stacks of drawings and random pieces of design and theme work here and there and that is only the physical work! I have archives and archives of work from nearly half a decade now of everything I can work on with passion; pushing onward towards a great R.P.G. of some sort. I do not know why I do this day after day, month after month and year after year but I just simply have to. I have this invisible weight upon my character that haunts myself so that it cannot be shaken nor yield to mediocrity; to stand still and do nothing is to anguish within myself worse than the failing over and over for 36 hours.

Anyway I am getting to the point where I am reaching the end of what I can do alone and cannot progress much further without looking for help. So I figured to ask here to shake the community tree and see if any apples fall out; ring the bell and see if anyone is there behind the desk. *Proceeds to violently shake the tree* C'mon people to work with I am going nuts here! *Shakes the tree harder with squirrels and random assortment of woodland critters flying out in every-direction with great fan-fare from cartoon swirls of dust-clouds* AAAHHHH!!!

Oh I almost forgot I can be found at mattwow3@gmail with also some high quality Baldur's Gate content here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/55349/within-amnesias-items-work-i... . Also one can find a minority of my work at https://withinamnesia.deviantart.com/gallery/ also one can join the R.P.G. Team Discord via https://discord.gg/FJTzv26 . I have produced a video were I peer into the soul of my world AGABAL (wrought upon my last day of the 21st year ^.^) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edSGN6Gi8fM.

P.S. Also I should state after looking around on this thread and realizing that no one really uses the Flare engine that the Unity (2D and later 3D) engine would better to move forward with even if from scratch. This is more a thread to find people to start building an R.P.G. than most anything else. I have a great deal of design work ready and waiting for digital fabrication and if you want more details and are curious about my work behind the scenes please feel free to ask myself in Discord or via mattwow3@gmail.com.

Note: I do not publish the best of my design work for a reason; I have worked many years and over many projects both big and small and I do not wish for others without myself to reap the benefits of my works of passion. If I had worked on designs and content that was of little value I would not care about it being stolen. Although I have taken great efforts to produce the most robust designs and core mechanics and lores in my work to the point where I do not wish to take chances. I have real investment in the development of this project and I will not be 'taken for a ride'. With that said I would love to work with the community and I greatly enjoy working with a like-minded group passionate about medieval fantasy.