Monstropolis (WIP)

Monstropolis (WIP)

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My game Monstroplis which has been a work in progress for a while now, it came about when i first became aware of the Ludum Dare gamejam's, so although my coding skill at best is beginner and would never be able to make a game in 72 hours, let alone 48, i did kind of participate in my own little way and came up with a concept idea based on the theme of "You are the Monster", and have been plodding along with it ever since at my own pace.

The idea is to smash the buildings untill they are all gone, then you will go on to the next level, leveling up each time, with each level there are waves of humans running around, some will attack you, Police,Army etc, whilst others will just be running around. There are various vehicles as well which you can pick up and throw, either to destroy the buildings or just to create more chaos, you can also pick up the humans, which you need to eat to regenerate your health.

So far i have put what you can see, which is the handling of the arms and collisions events with the characters and vehicles, and this is very much an alpha/test build and i still have lots to do, but at least you can get a feel for the game as it is now.

No music or sound effects as yet, i am searching through the OGA archive till i find something i like, levels will only go up to 5 as im still working on that part, the score values, and health meter needs to be done and all the artwork is not done, so as i said still lots to do.

there will be bugs, so any troubles then just press the space bar mto restart the game.


you can try it here if you like.


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