New PC, PS3 and Xbox360 Game - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque

New PC, PS3 and Xbox360 Game - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque

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Assalamu Alaykum (Peace be with you)

My name is Nidal Nijm, I am Brazillian Muslim, from Arab ascendance, my father is from Palestine.

I am just an indie solo developer trying to find my place in the game industry.

I am well known on the homebrew PS3 community. Just search on google UDK Ultimate Engine (

Summarizing, some years ago I did port UDK Engine (the free version of Unreal Engine 3) from EPIC Games to PS3 and Xbox360 creating the first and only Fully 3D Engine for developing homebrew games for PS3 and Xbox360. This project stayed online for almost 3 years, it got a lot of visibility, millions of download, untill recently EPIC Games got aware of this project and asked me to take it down, because it breaks their EULA and Copyrights.

So I did take down this project, and did apologize for EPIC Games, because I never intended to harm them in anyway. EPIC Games were so kind with me, they recognized my efforts and talent on porting their engine for home consoles by myself, and allowed me to keep using my modified version of their engine, they gave me a Unreal Engine 3 License, I signed with them a contract, and now I am developing my first comercial game.

I even created a very fun and free mini game recently, for PC, PS3 and Xbox360, using my modified version of UDK Engine.

The download links are on the video description on my YouTube Channel.

So now with a Commercial License for using Unreal Engine 3, I decided to develop my first commercial game, a game about the War in Palestine.

I know this theme may be very sensitive for many people, as we all know there are victims on both sides of this war, however, I will try to explain what my game is about, and will show that my game does not promote violence or terrorist propaganda. 

First of all, In this game, the player does not shoot Israeli civilians, women, children, elderly, only soldiers. Also in this game there are NO images of sexual content, illicit drugs, religious desecration, hate of speech against any group, ethnicity or religion, anti-Semitist propaganda against Jews, Nazi propaganda or boasting of any terrorist groups and / or other unlawful acts. This game only contains the virtual representation of the Palestinian Resistance Movement against the Israeli Military Occupation, which is officially recognized by the United Nations (UN).

I want to be clear that my objective in this game is not to make you hate Israel or Love Palestine, I just want to players experience a war game through another perspective. From since I was a Kid I always asked myself why there are no games on which we, Arabs and Muslims, are portraied as heroes, instead of villains and terrorists? And this is true, the representation of Arabs and Muslims in games for a long time was just through the flag of Terrorists, Killers, Assassins, Bandits, and so on. Only recently middle-eastern and muslim characters are portraied as heroes and "cool" characters, like in Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Overwatch, and others.

Please watch this GDC talk about this matter:

Added to this, my father was a Fighter of the Palestine Resistance Movement, he fought against Israel Army in the Lebanese Civil War on the 70's, and from since I was a kid, I felt too much proud of my father and the Palestine People in General, because of their Strenght and Constant Resistance. So this game is kinda tribute to the Brave People of Palestine and their Resistance against Military Occupation.

Talking about the game itself, Fursan al-Aqsa - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque is a Third Person Action Game on which you play as Ahmad al-Ghazzawi, a young Palestinian Student who was unjustly tortured and jailed by Israeli Soldiers for 5 years, had all his family killed by an Israeli Airstrike and now after getting out from the prison he seeks revenge against those who wronged him, killed his family and stolen his homeland.

This game is being developed during the course of 4 years by one person (me, Nidal Nijm), in a custom version of UDK Engine (Unreal Engine 3), using the best technology to tell a compelling story through a game packed with non stop action, advanced 3D graphics and modern gameplay mechanics, however keeping the soul of old school shooters. You will play in missions accross ground, sea and sky, you have many objectives to accomplish in each mission, epic bosses battles, powerful guns, vehicles to drive, helicopters to take down, and much more. Expect a LOT of Action and Adrenaline!!!

This game also is greatly inspired by Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Insurgency Sandstorm.

I hope untill the end of this month (november) release a free demo of this game (for PC, PS3 and Xbox360), so people can enjoy and feel what my game is about, enjoy the gameplay, feel the action. I plan to make something similar to Metal Gear Solid VR Missions (If you may remember), on which I will teach the player the basis of the Gameplay, like training the player for the true battle that will come on the final game. About the first episode (mission), I hope to release it untill the end of December, beginning of January 2020.

Now I will show you some trailers of the game itself, a beta version of this game. I am already redoing everything from scratch, remaking the models, animations, and maps, raising the overall quality, polishing things here and there, to deliver a high quality product for all people enjoy. 

Also you can see the new updated model for my character protagonist, and the difference between the new player model and the old one, so you all can be sure I am commited to do my best on this game. These old models were just placeholders for me develop the basic game programming framework and features.

This trailer tells the history of how the muslims re-conquered Jerusalem:

This trailer tells the history of the Game's Protagonist:

This is the promotional trailer "Join the Resistance":

This is the PC Gameplay Trailer. The PC Version supports ANY Gamepad through xbox360 controller emulator (already included):

This is the PS3 Gameplay Trailer (sorry for the video quality, I don't have a HDMI Capture Card):

This is the Xbox360 Gameplay Trailer (sorry for the video quality, I don't have a HDMI Capture Card):

Some Screenshots of the new Player Model In-Game:

Now some Behind the Scenes Trailers.

Making off "Crusader Battle Trailer":

Making off "Ahmad al-Ghazzawi":

You can follow the development of my game here:

Jazakom Allah Khayr (May God give you the best)