OGA Virtual Disk project (minigames)

OGA Virtual Disk project (minigames)

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I finally decided to do a little project I had in mind for a while, also because I didn't have time to finish my OGA jam entries. For now it starts with a small game, using only resources from OGA as usual. I've been meaning to do one with the very good simple broad purpose assets for a while.

https://opengameart.org/content/simple-broad-purpose-tileset (page)
https://opengameart.org/forumtopic/wip-simple-broad-purpose-tileset (thread)

Right now I'm still trying to get the gameplay as good as possible, but I figured I might already post what I have since first it has some gameplay already, second it'll force me to get it done rather than keep something that will never leave my HDD again, and last to get a few ideas on what kind of music and sounds would go best with that tileset. I'll eventually have to recheck the website anyway, but if anyone got any suggestions about this I'm all hear.

Same for the animations and all. I'm unsure if they are supposed to cycle that at that speed or not. They are probably not around anymore but would be nice if people who participated in that old thread could give me some directions.

For the project it is about having a bunch of small games using each a full set of sprites. As for the difference from the jam where you could mix assets, I was thinking of showcases of sets instead. For example, I don't plan to use any other assets than the ones found in the simple broad purpose thread. Those smalls games are what I will call cartridges/minidisk as a reminiscence of the old game or floppy disks. I guess it might be a good idea for the next year jam but I'd rather work on that oen game at least on my free time, with no time restrictions.