Open Realm of Stars

Open Realm of Stars

I have started a new project called Open Realm of Stars. It is going to be 4X strategy game in stars. I am doing the development with Java and Swing. I started the project May 2016. License for this game GPL2 and source code is available in Github:

For the moment there is no binary version available, only source code.

Currently working things are moving in star map, building improvement on colonized planets, planets can be colonized, research, ship design, space combat. Missing features are AI does not move on star map, AI does not build anything or research anything. Diplomacy is missing from the games. Space now only contains suns, planets and gas giants, missing asteroids nebulaes, anomalies etc. Game has 5 races so 3 more still missing. Game also is missing quite much of graphics, ship components, music and sound effects.


Here is screen shot ship listing:


Planet view:


Exploring the space:


Space combat:


Game uses quite much of assets from the

Here is the current list: