pfunked's WIP, To-Do, and Requests

pfunked's WIP, To-Do, and Requests

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I'm a programmer by trade but I create low-poly 3D models for fun and for my own projects.

I'm mainly interested in writing 2D game engines.  I create 3D models to generate pre-rendered sprites for these game projects. 

My main project right now is a Diablo-style action RPG, code name OSARE (Open Source Action Roleplaying Engine).  It's still very early, but here is the project page. ... I'd also love to make a ninja sidescroller, parkour sidescroller, and a tactics-style rpg.

My strengths are in low-poly art.  I'm pretty good with turning concept art into low-poly 3D models: see and and ... I am not strong with textures (not as important for what I do, create tiny 2D sprites from 3D models).

I'll keep this post up to date with WIP and To-Do.  Feel free to posts requests.  I don't usually do commissions, but I may put something on my to-do list if it's something I already want to do for my own projects.   Also, you might catch me when I'm bored and looking for something different to model.



  • Loot drop animations and code
  • Spell effects code
  • Action Bar code