Platformer for Sega Dreamcast and Ouya

Platformer for Sega Dreamcast and Ouya

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Hey there OGA Community,

we are 2D-Retroperspectives a two person game dev team. We are mainly creating games for niche platforms like Ouya, Open Pandora/Pyra and the Sega Dreamcast.

Since 2011 we have released a few homebrew titles for these consoles and have been working on two professional projects for a while now.

Today we would like to promote our upcoming platform title "Reblobed" a little. Its basically a total remake of our first attempt at creating a game. Since we have learned a lot about programming and art during the last 4 years we figured the best way to prove our talents is to visit our roots and clean up the mess we created back than ;)

So much for the introduction. Let the screenshots do the talking ;)



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Feedback, new follows and questions are always welcome and appreciated.