Powerful Domain of The Chickenmen: Revival?

Powerful Domain of The Chickenmen: Revival?

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Hi again everyone!

So, my pony fangame idea has flubbed again (partly because the movie appended the MLP canon in such a way that I would have to redo my storyline from scratch), and I think it's time for me to start making something else.

I want to make an ancient-era, medieval or fantasy strategy game without any combat, kinda similar to Banished but with 2d retro graphics.

But since I have a track record of falied project after failed project, I want to hear you people about if you think this game idea can even be achieved by a single person in a reasonable amount of time (e.g. not more than a year or two) AND if you have any experience with producing games of this genre or any tips regarding the design. Perhaps you could even redirect me to some OGA assets that would be useful for such a game, and I would be grateful.

I tend to stumble over design and art quality problems the most often, with the programming and sound I usually am able to figure things out.  I don't care about the game's popularity or income, but I really do care about having a quality and well thought out concept once in a while.


Hopefully this rambly post makes sense. If not, feel free to ask about anything!

But keep in mind, I'm not trying to recruit people. I'm merely looking for tips on how to plan and structure my own project. Of course if you're happening to be sitting with a similar idea to mine, we could maybe collaborate, but I would wish to do most of the work and in general I was not trying to make a recruitment thread.