Procedural world generation using LPC assets

Procedural world generation using LPC assets

Hi everyone!

At the end of 2018, I discovered the LPC assets (I am a bit late ...) and was totally fond of them and thought they were perfect for doing procedural generation.

For two months, I have more free time and so I have started to create a procedural world generator using these assets. Now, that I start to have some results, I want to share it with you.

The first step was to create a map generator:

Map generation

Then, I used the LPC terrains tileset to transform the map into a world made of tiles:

Rasterization of the map

The next step was to also create the rivers and the roads. Here are images with bridges (there are still some minor issues):

Roads and rivers

Finally, this week I have worked on filling the biomes with trees and other decorations:

Generation of objects

As you can see, the awesome work of bluecarrot16 is a source of inspiration.

If you want more technical details on how I generate all that, I have written weekly devlogs and the series starts here.

The next step is to write a dungeon/cave generator. And after that, a city generator, a building generator, a character generator, etc. until I have a full RPG!

I hope you like it and I thank deeply all the artists of the OGA community!

If you have any question or comment, feel free!

Biome_0.gif Biome_0.gif 81.6 Kb [6 download(s)]
World_0_1.gif World_0_1.gif 505.1 Kb [4 download(s)]
Bridge1.gif Bridge1.gif 190.1 Kb [3 download(s)]
DarkForest.gif DarkForest.gif 237.3 Kb [6 download(s)]