Sacred Phoenix, a rpg fangame

Sacred Phoenix, a rpg fangame

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Hello ^^, before I excuse myself for potential error english is not my native language (reading is fine, but talking it's a bit more difficult)

Sacred Phoenix is a pokemon fangame project created in 2018 by Amras, in the open-source spirit and actually in development.
Three languages : French, English, Spanish
Disclaimer : Pokemon is the propriety of pokemon compagnie, game freak and co., Sacred Phoenix doesn't claim any right on it, and yes it's will never be commercially implicated in anyway (obvious, but need to be said). That being said we also create many original content that are not derived work, generally under the CC-BY-SA licence and so are free to use by other. We also want to keep the code open (but i will talk about all that in detail later).


Inspired by the celtic era and the classical fantasy our project is rpg who juggle between the usual pokemon gameplay and new feature (well new for pokemon in 2018, and yes we're slow) for a more realistic universe (but we add magic so... only in some way).
Yeah that the reason we create original asset for fangame, it's in the celtic era so absolutely all human being need to be done from scratch

Story :
In the kingdome of keltios (ancient Kalos) Unos become the actual king with the help of arceus and end the war. Infortunatly the cult of Darkrai and Giratina come back, the other cult in responce train their priest in pokemon battle so they can defend themself and people.
Year 501 You and your cousin (Aranel/Viviane) comme back to your own cult after a diplomatic mission to become a full Ho-Oh priest. In the ceremony your cousin reveal having being given a flabébé by the xerneas cult and the egg given to you by the rayquaza cult hatch. But Darkrai cultis interrupt the sacred ceremony and attack, killing during the sacred ceremony and on the sacred place gain them the ire of Ho-Oh, who rescue you and your newborn companion and choose you to be his hero.
You have now the mission of discovery and fight the dark cultist. For that you will travel the land of Keltios, collect the talisman, capture and train your pokemon for battle.

Gameplay :
Many change will be done / are done
PP will be remplaced by "breath" and "mana", and more than four attack by pokemon will be implemented.
A system of positionement will also be included (similar to what legend arceus have done).
Two new special type : Sacred and Shadow (like coloseum), these two type can be gagned or losed by pokemon (at the exception of two new eeveelition). Wealkness and strengh are also rebalanced.
New balance of attack, weather, talent ect Not all thing will change, but many thing will be uptaded.
Making strat pokemon will be easier (no need to have a level 100 for changing its iv by example). But the reproduction system will be more realist so consanguinity will have a bad impact, but it will be pretty useless for making optimized pokemon.
Friendship or dominance what will you choose for raising your pokemon ? Would they respect you dismiss you or fear you ? We have many personalized interactions with your pokémon, a water one will curse you if you force him to follow you in a volcano. Hug them, give them to eat or whip them. But be wary the way you treat them will impact their behavior, help you even a the gates of death or running away.
Difficulty adjustable, game over will be a possible option and nuzlocke will also be integred.
Real death, but that need it's own section.
Crafting and collecting materials will be a part of the gameplay. Magic exist here, so of course you can mine... wait don't quite, Magic doesn't exist only for mining but you know your not exactly a miner with great physical strengh so why not using your sacred staff for it ? Magic will make it possible. And with what you have you will have the possibility do craft your pokeball, it's not a widspread product after all. Or you can use spell to help in battle.

Death :
One of the most important mechanism of Sacred Phoenix (except in traditional and pacifist mode in wich death doesn't exist).
Wich mean yes the pokemon adverse and yours can die. Or they can kill you, yes you have read this correctly you can die at the hand of your own pokemon, even if it's more likely that a darkrai or giratina cultist will be the one to kill you (losing to them is a bad idea). SP is proud to said Game ove are possible.
Nuzlocke : For your pokémon Ko = Death. For pokemon adverse is the same that in the realist mode.
Realist death mode : In wich Ko and death coexist. HP can go in the negatif if the attack do more damage than necessary to go to 0, it's the overkill. If the negatif score of pv is egal or more than the maximum pv then the pokemon will die.
The overkill can make you gain more exp, but killing enemy will affect the way your pokemon view you. And depending of your relation with them they can make effort to not kill or at contrary to kill.
Killing other will also change your reputation, if you're on a killing trea people will not like you for obvious reason (let them cry their companion).
Resurection are possible (except in nuzlocke and for ghost pokemon since they already dead), but you need to ask Ho-Oh,Xerneas or arceus for it, before 48 hour in game pass. After that the pokemon have a chance to be reborn as a ghost pokemon or just  going it's own way in a new life.
Legendary pokemon are immortal but not their body, if they are not resurected by you they will reborn in a egg by themself.

Development :
Actually Sacred Phoenix is devloped with the starter kit PSDK, but since we want to produce a open source fangame playable on window, linux and Mac, we want to migrate to godot.
Infortunatly we lack programer TT, so for the time being we are avancing with difficulty on rpg maker with the starter kit.
We have nothing against starter kit, but they are more adapted to project who doesnt change the gameplay that much. Moreover we want the code to be accessible for the one who are interested, especially the new mechanisms, and without restriction for the usage and redistribution of the code (wich is different frome the game itself and some of the asset) So we need to create all.
We are particulary slow ? Yes, without programer it's hell (and when amras do the programation part, that mean he can't do the mappinf or the pixel art, the team is too small).
(We have a forum, but we all are on discord so no one really use the forum)

Art :
At first it was not rare that we created the pixel art and I was doing the concept based on that and we haven't verified particulary the art given to us at that time. So some pixel art (using this process) was done using offical sprite. (We need to verify and redo what need to be redo).
Now : Since some years, me and the other concept member are systematically doing the artwork first so the pixel art is now from the drawing. That way it's easier to created more original work. But since i was the only one for most of the time.. and that I can't do pixel art for saving my life... the advance was really slow. Now I have a team for concept and clean artwork, but we're lackin peopple who can do pixel art... a kind of circle.
ALL human need to be done from scratch (no i'm not crying from the work who haven't be done, I am crying for the emotion mugshoot I need to do after that).
I will not talk about music since the majority of our musician were doing is derivated work.

I will include just a exemple of art produced and screen of the short demo we have.

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