SkyEdge The Wraith

SkyEdge The Wraith

SkyEdge The Wraith


This is my personal project using Platinum Arts Sandox game engine. Comment if pleased. I will make my own content but I will donate some of it to OGA. For now I am making the best as I could to finish this project.


Title : SkyEdge The Wraith

Genre : Action RPG

Platform :Windows/Linux/Mac


Summary :

In a world not the same as ours, land and sea float in the sky, the inhabitants can cast magic spell, mages team up together in a guild. This is a story of Stellar a young mage who is tasked with great responsibility, to captured the most powerful rogue mage, Wraith in his plan to invoke he power of the evil deity, Leviathan.

Fight alongside Stellar against Wraith five other rogue mage while exploring the wonder of SkyEdge.



- Fast Paced Action RPG

With an advanced and fast AI, a battle was not an easy task. Dodge projectile, atack after attack and counter back at the right timing with your spells is your best strategy.


- Spells for battle

With a wide database of Spells that you can buy, find or work for, you can maximized  your advantage during battle. Choose between support, defense, offense spells during fight with easy to use shortcut and change if necessary from your inventory rapidly to increase the effectiveness of a battle..


- Epic Storyline

Play as Stellar and capture Wraith. Uncover secrets that you should never know and choose your owan way to complete the game. Hopefully multiple storyline for an unexpected story.


- Intelligent AI

The AI were designed to fight at the most precise and fast reaction for a fast paced battle. Engaging enemy was never the same because non of the foes will be too weak for you.


-Explorable Skyedge

SkyEdge is a planet that has physic non like ours. Chunk of land, water or both called island float while orbiting the planet Core. You will venture a part of SkyEdge which is the island continent Rena. Explore Rena from a small town, an archiepelago, royal city, and many others.


-Fantasy Theme

Expect the unexpected in this world of fantasy non-other than SkyEdge!

-Anime Style Art

Concept was drawn by talented manga artist I knew, Alex Falcon.