Space - a 2D space-shooter made with HTML5 (Canvas, Javascript)

Space - a 2D space-shooter made with HTML5 (Canvas, Javascript)


I had a Javascript course in school last year. To improve my skills in that language, i had the idea to code some kind of space-shooter. (like most people? :D)

Space is a science-fiction 2D space-shooter made with HTML5 and Javascript. Command your spaceship against a horde of aliens and beat the highscore!


To this point, i had noone to test the game, so any feedback is very welcome!

If you find any bugs, please report them!

At the current state, i would call this a BETA. There might be some bugs, but the game as it is, is finished and fully playable.


Please read the HOWTO. If you have any questions just post in this forum or write me a email.


I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun creating this game.

Hav fun playing Space.

Greetings from Berlin



EDIT: Game doesn't require flash for sounds any more

EDIT: I'm using some stuff from opengameart. People are listed in the credits-section.

EDIT: I love opengameart! :D

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