Underground Throne - A Dungeon RTS

Underground Throne - A Dungeon RTS

Check out our KickStarter page 

We're raising $8,000 to pay artist to upgrade our placeholder graphics to real ones. 

So far many core mechanics and principals have been made while being accompanied by placeholder graphics. 

What is Underground Throne? 

Underground Thone is a Dungeon RTS inspired by old classicl RTS games like Impossible Creatures, Dungeon Keeper and Tanktics. 
Dungeon Keeper was too great of a game to let it fall into the Free-to-Pay route, so I decided to make my own spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper's legacy. 
This game does not ship with any of that bogust Freemium scams, but is simply a 1-time payment app, like gaming should be. 
It is currently in the AlphaPrime state and plans to be cross-platform between Linux, Mac and Windows thanks to Game Maker Studio. 
The current build is being done in GameMaker 8.1. 

Game Features: 

A real time strategy in nicely created dungeon maps 
Control a group of goons, minions and "kidnapped heroes" into your destiny of being the underground super power. 
Pickup and drop your troops onto terrain 
Digging your dungeon into total perfection while annihilating those who oppose. 
Protect your dungeon command center while destroying enemy forces and their dungeon command center . 
Build dynamic rooms and infrastructure 
Train your minions 
Fuse minions together to create freaks of nature with unstoppable strengths. 
Smack a minion, like a boss. 
NO FREE-TO-PLAY foolishness 
NO PAY-TO-WIN nonsense 

A few updated screenshots 

Expect frequent updates to this page. 
Also for those purchasing the game expect milestone builds of the game. 

Next Milestone: Minion portals and enemy A.I. 

IF you would like to help out on the project let me know via private message. 

To-Do list: 
-Enemy A.I 
-Online Multiplayer 
-Other minions A.I 
-Graphic upgrade from placeholder 
-Map building 

Special Thanks 
-Easy camera management thanks to YellowAfterLife from yal.cc 
-3d-2d mouse and map conversion thanks to Phantom107 
-Minion overhead messages point to camera thanks to YellowAfterLife from yal.cc 
-Simon Carter, the lead programmer for the classic Dungeon Keeper for giving us support via Twitter. 


Please note, all graphics seen are to be assumed as placeholder graphics. 
The more funded this game gets the better the graphics will get.