Undying Dusk : an adventure game in a PDF

Undying Dusk : an adventure game in a PDF

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I have just released an adventure game I have been working for the past year:

This is a video game in PDF format,
with a gameplay based on exploration and logic puzzles,
in the tradition of dungeon crawlers.


* ~ 200 000 PDF pages
* retro aesthetics: 160x120 resolution & a 16 colors palette
* grid-based world with 50+ distinct tiles & 10 maps to explore
* more than 30 treasure items, weapons & spells to pick up in order to face 15 enemy monsters
* 20 music tracks
* thousands of "Game Over" pages, and a single path to victory
* 4 hidden secrets & a concealed epilogue
* an online hall of fame

Graphic assets mostly came from this amazing website: THANK YOU to the whole OpenGameArt community!

If your curious about it, check out https://lucas-c.itch.io/undying-dusk