Vagabond enters in alpha

Vagabond enters in alpha

Hi everyone!

I am pleased to announce you that the prototype I showed you a long time ago eventually becomes a game called Vagabond and I release the alpha today. Vagabond is a 2D RPG that features living procedurally generated open worlds.

Firstly, I want to thank all the OpenGameArt community for creating all the nice assets and giving me the idea of the game. I hope I credited everyone correctly on the credits page of the game website and on the credits screen in the game. If an asset or a person is missing, or you want to be credited differently (different name or different URL), please contact me and I will fix this mistake quickly.

The game is not finished at all, currently, it mainly features the world generation but I will add more features and contents in the coming months. See the roadmap, for a detailed list of the planned features.

There are some assets I made for the game that I will publish here in the coming weeks:

  • Female version of the skirt by wulax
  • Death animations for the original LPC monsters, they are procedurally generated, I will also release the script to generate them
  • Masks (white and black images) to hide hair under hats, they are procedurally generated too, the script will be published.

I also wrote a script to transform head (hat or hair) from male to female.

I modify most items and body parts to fix small issues. I will publish all the assets I used on a GitLab repo so that people can easily retrieve the versions of the game. If you see anything that you think should be published, just tell me!

If you have any question or comment, you can also contact me at

Thanks again!