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Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 08:10

Hi you all I'm the latest newbie here, also starting to use Game Maker and done all their tuts.


Have a dream to develop an epic mmoRPG game that also incorporates Strategy game styles to allow the Hero to build his little empire in this fantasy world...

So I will need lots of help and ideas and positive critique as I take one step for the community and one giant leap of faith for myself haha.

You can read my bio on what my game idea is about so far.


I'll probably go for isometric 3D style (with 2D sprites), which I will really appreciate your art for. Free of course.I'd like to make friends in the process.


My day job is Chemical Process Control Engineering in South Africa, so got some programming understanding, and creative but I do not have time to learn blender. I support open source, and develop my own commercial Joomla based websites up to now. So this time will go towards game creation project.


Oooh sorry for the long story.

BLessings - great site!!l