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Saturday, January 4, 2014 - 00:13

I don't know how the licensing works out, but you may be interested to know that I've written some lpc compatible .gani files.  These gani files are intended for use with a javascript gani parser and animator that I wrote last week for fun.  You can see the demo live here: and you can pick the files out of the github repository here:


I have no idea if the .gani files I wrote will actually work with modern graal - the parser was written after studying some old .gani files I found on a CD in my parent's basement over chirstmas - the version of graal was 2.05.  Likewise, I have no idea if modern .gani files will work with my parser (and even if they could, I wouldn't personally recommend using them outside of graal).


Anyways, my gani files are written by hand - you don't need to attribute me (I'd prefer you didn't, actually, if you use them on a graal server).  They're non-derivative works, and I released them as CC-BY-SA & GPL3, though its not clear from the git repository.  However, the assets I re-formatted that you can find on there are CC-BY-SA / GPL3, and therefor must be attributed correctly.

I am curious to know if they work still :) - you will need to change the following line in all the files to make it graal compatible (circa 2001):
DEFAULTHAIR hair_messy.png
DEFAULTATTR1 hair_messy.png


[edit for afterthought]

My lpc version of idle.gani has another line that you may consider changing: from
WAIT 50 RANDOM 20 100

I haven't made gani files for all of the animations in present in the body style sheet, though it would be pretty simple to do so, especially if you used graalshop instead of writing them by hand like I did :)  If you're interested in using them, then I'll complete the set.  Otherwise, I'm going to focus my attention on cutting up the basic body sprites and splitting it into torso / arms / legs sheets for better flexibility than the current character sprite set provides.


Corrected which license I released the .gani files under - CC-BY-SA & GPL3, not CC0... though I should change the .gani files to CC0 because I don't actually care where or how they get used, and I don't necessarily want to be attributed for them.  I need to go to bed :)  Sorry if the above is incoherent.