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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 11:10

I check it, every day :)

It's just my soap opera kind of curiosity.

Saturday, August 25, 2012 - 09:21

I don't know on which environment you tried it, I know it runs slow on a virtual machine. I've tried it on windows systems, and it didn't require much hardware, only 300-400 mb of memory.

I have an optimized version now, but that one doesn't count.

Thanks for your consideration tho. :)

Friday, August 10, 2012 - 22:49

If you're going to review mine, be sure to download the fixed version. There isn't much to review tho. But oh well, someday it will be a complete game, think POTENTIAL :P

Saturday, August 4, 2012 - 10:38

I tried my game on a small computer, and it ran OK, but when I tried on my Ubuntu VM it did run pretty badly... I just assumed you had dual boot or something... For obvious reasons I wasn't able to do many optimizations...

I did some basic optimizations:

- Changed from 60 fps to 30 fps (

- Removed expensive animations (,,

- Better resource management, for memory use (,

- Includes the stage fix (gr.setCurrentStage(stage); in

Still runs slow on a VM, but now it's less frustrating...

Here's the jar (src folder is inside):


You can run a basic compare between the source files and see that all changes are just for optimization.

Edit: re-uploaded it, some events went out of sync with the new framerate (


Friday, August 3, 2012 - 20:49

The jar needs to be located in the same location where the resources are... it load relative paths of course...

the resources are:


Thursday, August 2, 2012 - 14:20

OH, it's easy to correct... line 161

should say:


instead it says:

gr.setCurrentStage(stage.getDownStage().getDownStage().getDownStage()); or something like that...

That's the change made...

Thursday, August 2, 2012 - 03:44

Well, I uploaded it anyway... I need it for closure... of course I'll keep working on it and on my engine...

This was really fun... Having this kind of milestones really improves my productivity and concetration on a particular goal.

Now to wait 10 hours for the caffeine to go away, and then to bed!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 15:40

Anything without a clear license attached to it, is assumed to be free as in freedom. I believe it's that simple, and that's why you have to accept that before uploading your game.

It's simple if it's your work, but you have to be careful if you took something from another place... that's all.

Sunday, July 29, 2012 - 17:06

Well, it wasn't about showing the games on an index, it was about the contest having its 5 minutes of fame, and appearing on gaming news sites. That's the moment when you get to show your game to the world. After that, maybe no-one will come back to see how you're doing...

That's why it's a critical date. Everyone will improve their games on the next months, years, etc, but we will only get the biggest audience at the time of the end of this contest.

And of course my plea for an extension comes just days before the deadline. I didn't want to have to ask for it, I am trying hard to recover the days I lost and finish all my objectives on time.

Over the course of the month, I realized this community was very supportive and open. Progress threads were very open and honest. I felt that this wasn't a competitive environment at all. That's why I felt an extension would be well received, because of that community spirit, where it’s more about giving everyone a chance to show their best.

An extension is a second chance to get where you wanted to when the contest started. Those who already have their game ready don’t need it and don’t want it, and I completely understand that.

Sunday, July 29, 2012 - 16:26

I wasn't on vacation or anything, I too worked hard and for long hours on this. I'm alone, I'm coding tiling apps and the engine from scratch, by myself. I lost a whole week working on a PhD related assignment that showed up unnanounced.

I can understand how it's unfair for some people that now know they're in an advantage because they got more product on time.

For me it's not about the prize. It's a window for me to show my work. This is a great opportunity to be on a list of games, being seen, etc. And the fact that we have to show everything under the hood, puts a little more pressure on the quality you have to deliver in terms of code.

I want to see more than just concept games in the list.

Maybe an extra point for those that uploaded the game on time? That can be done. If you're considering negative points if the game doesn't compile/run with ease, why not positive points for people on time? That way people that wasn't aware of the extension won't feel bad either.

Plus we have to consider what Bart said, that they too would benefit from an extension, for personal reasons.

Let's face it: we wouldn't be talking about fairness if this wasn't a contest. So let's be less competitive for a minute and think about the greater good, the games, and the potential each one of us have to do better and bigger ones.