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Friday, August 10, 2018 - 19:00

That one worked. :)


Friday, August 10, 2018 - 18:05

Nope. "Alternate" link doesn't work. It showed up in my email as

Note: If you are going to use "node", it should be /node/<nodeid> not /node/<title>. Otherwise it should be /content/<title>. Does that make sense?

Edit: Oh, and of course for the forums it would be /forumtopic/<title>.

Edit: That might be a good reason to use the "node" version, since forum topics can be linked to that way just like submissions:

Edit: It also makes for a much shorter link, generally. See above as opposed to:


Friday, August 10, 2018 - 18:00

Oh! Sorry! I didn't read your last message carefully. I'll check it out now.

Friday, August 10, 2018 - 17:57

Thanks MedicineStorm. I will let you now how it works when I receive a new email notification.

And don't worry about tracking down any deleted comments. This had just happened to me a few times in the past & I didn't get around to posting about it until now.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - 16:51

Absolutely amazing! You capture so much motion in a single frame.

Sunday, July 22, 2018 - 21:06

Nice! I love the monster. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 02:04

Requesting bump for Witch on Broomstick.


  • Created re-color sprite with hat.
Friday, July 13, 2018 - 22:31

I think there might be some other benefits to having a dedicated app, such as speed. But they are probably trivial. I personally prefer using dedicated apps over web browsers on mobile devices.

Edit: Push notifications would be another benefit I think, though this could be done with an RSS/Atom feed reader.

Friday, July 13, 2018 - 16:09

@MedicineStorm: By "official app", I simply meant it was endorsed by DeviantArt. I definitely think an app for OGA should be open sourced.

@chasergaming: With the app you should be able to do anything you can do on the site. Upload works, add comments & forum posts, etc. But layout would be much more compact. Perhaps similar to what a mobile version of the sight might be like.

Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 21:12

Another though related to this subject: I would be interested in creating, or seeing created, an OGA app for Android. But, without the API available, only a simple app based on WebView could be created (as I understand it). Which probably wouldn't be much different than using a web browser.

There is an official app for DeviantArt, which is pretty nice (though, had some bugs last time I used it). Would be nice to have an app for OGA as well, especially since there is no mobile version of the site.