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Monday, March 14, 2011 - 17:53


I've just download it and tried it, it runs perfectly on xp. Very nice, Vendors are a great improvment !

I've a little problem : I've tried to do a mine map (100x100) with Tiled, I've spend lots of hours to design it (there are no enemys or event), I translate (from csv) it in .txt, but when I try it, it looks quite chaotic... it seems that the numbers generate with Tiled are not the same as in the tileset. What can I do ? I hope there are solutions... If somebody could help me, thanks !

Monday, February 28, 2011 - 13:38

Woohoooooo !

It's wonderful ! I was  eager to see the 0.11 (I was a bit fed up with 0.11, too easy) and I'm not disapointed ! Flare is harder now (bloody fire antlions !) ; the shakycam effect is very immersive and events in the cave map are very nice.

Great job !


(return playing ;)

Monday, November 29, 2010 - 11:36

Very nice work !

Friday, November 26, 2010 - 04:38

Hi !

Very nice, it's one of my favourite ! and what about a skeleton wizard ?

Friday, November 19, 2010 - 11:10

Thanks for the explanation and tips ! I'll try...

Friday, November 19, 2010 - 10:46



I'm interested in mapping, I've tried Tiled but I've some questions, if sombody could help me, I would be grateful :

-I don't understand how to install/use the osare plugin for tiled

-I was wandering if this plugin create the colision layer

-When I create a map, I'm obliged to use only one tileset for the engine (I saw that I could use several in Tiled), am I right ?

-For now I'm obliged to place manually creatures in the .txt file, right ?

-I can't read .tmx files I found on google code, what's wrong ? = "unvalid format line 5 column 6"

-when I create a map there are still some "black" squares is it normal ?

-Is there a max map size ? I read 256 per 256 tiles is it a limitation ?

-Is it possible to create a full wall with one click, instead of changing for each part of it (when I select an entire wall, it doesn't stand verticaly anymore but horizontally) ?


I'm sorry if these questions look (are ?) stupid, I'm beginner, I just want to understand!

Monday, November 15, 2010 - 11:15

Very nice tilset !

It remember me Nashkel's mines ! (BGI) It was very frightening for me when I was a young player, I found them difficult but then with experience I found them so easy. Happy memories !

Friday, November 12, 2010 - 05:17

Thanks for the answers

Just few ideas :

-Maye be it will be clearer if the name of the Proficiency would be eg "basic melee weapon" and then something like "light", "medium" and "heavy", instead of "dagger" so it won't depondend on the name of the weapon, it could be apllied to the other proficiencies

-Another way to solve the chaman problem could be to (re)create a skill which may use both archer and wizzard skills

Changes about saves are cool, you're fast !


keep up the good work !

Thursday, November 11, 2010 - 04:16

Hi !

I'm not fluent in english, so excuse me if some sentences are not understandable or if there are some mistakes.

That's awesome ! Congratulation for the work ! I 've already played few hours. I'm egear to see next realeses !

@pfunked great job and art, this this the game I've always want to do (in my dreams)!

@tartos your random generation will be very helpfull, I tried them all, nice work !

The following things are just suggestions/ observations

Here are some questions :

  • could we have in the future axes ? Please please, I know it isn't a priority, but what a pleasure to slash zombis and skelton with an axe ! (I see a doc to cure this whim, sorry)

  • when I want to test my character on other map (without changing his attributes) I modify the save.txt, the name of the map and the numbers (the x, y position ?) I land on the right map but outside even if I re-change my position, is there something I didn't understand ?

  • Is it hard to color entrances and exit on the mini-map ? it would be cool (I'm thinking about dungeon)

  • to see monster's name/ health is a good idea (I read it somewhere), is it planed for the next release (0.11) ? I'm happier when I know what I'm slaying...

Some feedback :

  • I think it would be good to create a quiver, indeed wizard and cie are obliged to wait for mana, on the contary archers can shot as often as they want, that's a bit unfair

  • When my character is « high » level (ie chaman), I just have to run and curse tons of enemys life with the spell burn without loosing , that's a bit too easy : may be it won't be so esay with the next release with some enemies shooter, or increase a little the monster's speed...

  • about chaman I find strange to have in the same time powerful spells and powerfull shooter skills, even if I use the trick described above, I rarely spend all of my mana so I never used my archer skills, what a shame ! but I haven't any suggestions...

Long life to OSARE !