[LPC] Female Orc/Ogre/Goblin/Troll (base walkcycle)

[LPC] Female Orc/Ogre/Goblin/Troll (base walkcycle)


A female orc/ogre/troll/goblin. She needs more clothes and accessories. Could also make good base for female vampire.

Based on the female_walkcycle.png and Sinbad by Stephen Challener (AKA Redshrike)

Includes Pirate outfit. 

Can modify the clothes for use on other LPC assets, but will require a little bit of work.


female_orcwalkcycle.xcf female_orcwalkcycle.xcf 194.9 Kb [1029 download(s)]
orc_piratess.png orc_piratess.png 22 Kb [2522 download(s)]
BODY_FEMALE_ORC.png BODY_FEMALE_ORC.png 18.8 Kb [2324 download(s)]