New flare mod - contributors wanted

New flare mod - contributors wanted

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Hi All,

Its been a while since ive been online for various reasons, but im still doing some work with flare. When I have the time, I have been working on a new mod. It still needs a lot of work before it will play like real game but theres enough done to get the gist of the what im trying to do. A lot of the map, player powers, npc and enemy work is done. Theres plenty more work to be done on enemies, maps and loot. Although I was trying to create a mod to work with the existing engine, theres also a few programming tweaks needed.

I have uploaded the files to a new git repo at the below address. The mod also requires the fantasycore and alpha demo mods.

The basic goals are to create a small game which will work on the v1 flare engine, which can be called complete with an achievable scope, which shows off some of the newer engine features and shows off some of the previously unused flare art from opengameart. The current files include all of the flare ready enemy graphics submitted to this site, including the nice work recently submitted by VWolfdog.

Compared to the alpha demo, i have tried to focus a bit more on character development. Leveling is much quicker and goes higher. Theres a slightly different approach to player powers, allowing the player to invest multiple skill points to improve a power. The powers may appear to be over powered but this is intentional and will be offset with more powerful enemies and greater quantities. The plan is to also 'unlock' new powers after completing certain quests. So the powers would not all be immediately available at the beginning of the game.

After the main game content, the player can go to the alpha demo maps where the enemies will be beefed up as appropriate to the player level. The current 'unknown location' areas will be replaced with areas containing uber bosses to tackle after completing the main game.

At this point, im hoping that somebody might want to join me on this and work on the mod together. If anyone is interested, I would be happy for them to take control of specific parts of the mod e.g. map development or eqipment. If anyone is interested, please let me know.