Anime Portrait for LPC characters

Anime Portrait for LPC characters



I am making an RPG Maker for iOS, on iOS.  While I have been able to leverage most of the artwork from LPC, unfortunately, I could not find suitable anime portraits for the LPC characters. Hence, I have commissioned an artist to do so.

Each portrait has different expressions to convey different moods.  They could be used in dialogues, character sheets, etc.  I hope this will be useful for the community.  If there is interest I will upload more.

The app is now live.  Make your own ARPG.  No programming needed.


LPCportrait1.png LPCportrait1.png 306.4 Kb [2960 download(s)]
LPCportrait2.png LPCportrait2.png 353.7 Kb [2201 download(s)]
LPCportrait3.png LPCportrait3.png 258.7 Kb [1962 download(s)]
LPCportrait4.png LPCportrait4.png 254.7 Kb [1725 download(s)]
LPCportrait5.png LPCportrait5.png 248.9 Kb [1687 download(s)]
LPCportrait6.png LPCportrait6.png 311.2 Kb [1651 download(s)]
LPCportrait7.png LPCportrait7.png 373.5 Kb [1648 download(s)]
LPCportrait8.png LPCportrait8.png 276.9 Kb [1612 download(s)]
LPCportrait9.png LPCportrait9.png 252.7 Kb [1573 download(s)]
LPCportrait10.png LPCportrait10.png 352.4 Kb [1628 download(s)]
LPCportrait11.png LPCportrait11.png 352.3 Kb [1605 download(s)]
LPCportrait22.png LPCportrait22.png 286.5 Kb [1626 download(s)]
portrait26.png portrait26.png 262.6 Kb [1672 download(s)]
LPCportrait23.png LPCportrait23.png 310.3 Kb [1045 download(s)]
LPCportrait28.png LPCportrait28.png 324.8 Kb [1042 download(s)]
LPCportrait27.png LPCportrait27.png 334.3 Kb [1054 download(s)]
LPCportrait29.png LPCportrait29.png 315.1 Kb [1169 download(s)]