A platformer in the forest

A platformer in the forest


Made for a commission whose committer suddenly disappeared. It's not complete nor polished, but I do not plan to expand on this any further, so here it is...

The characters are partly animated; the first four frames are for walk animation, while the others are for jumping (see edit below). There's also a badly refined slash effect


EDIT: added some animation as requested by cdoty - thanks to him for his donation towards this addition. Now the animations are (numbering frames from 1 to 14):

  • WALK: frames 1,2,3,4, cycle
  • JUMP: frame 5 for "jump preparation", frame 6 for moving upwards, frame 7 for moving downards and frame 8 for landing
  • HIT: frames 9,10,9
  • SLASH: frames 11,12,13 (you might use them in the order 12,11,12,13 if you want an extra "preparation" frame before the actual slash)
  • PUNCH: 14,12 (again, you might use them in the order 12,14,12)

Once more, thanks to cdoty for his contribution. EDIT 2: added even more animations and some objects, thanks to KingAkwasi's donation. New animations are:

  • RUN: 15-18
  • CLIMB: 19-22
  • a single frame with character's back (frame 23)

I also added some decorative objects which you can see in sheet.png.


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characters.png characters.png 12.8 Kb [143194 download(s)]