Good Neighbors pixel font

Good Neighbors pixel font

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A happy little pixel bitmap font.

This font is designed to handle crisp pixel art scaling (nearest neighbor, aka no interpolation) and still be legible.

Where would this matter? I'm making pixel art games with approximately NES resolutions (240p). I have those games scale up to the browser/display size, keeping solid pixels (no blurring).

How this ends up working -- imagine you want to scale some pixel art up by 120%. That means every 5th row and column will become 2px thick. Usually that isn't noticeable, But it can be when tiny details matter, such as fonts.

I've included a comparison with two other fonts I've made here on OGA. The top font is a pixel sans font where all the strokes are 1px thick. The middle font is Boxy Bold. The bottom font is Good Neighbors. Each font is scaled at 100%, 133%, 166%, 200%, and 266%. All the fonts look great at 100% and 200% size. But the top font is hard to read at other sizes, while the bottom font is legible and keeps a good style.

Made for my game Recycle Sorter.

Good for educational games around NES/SNES pixel art size. Fits well at 16px line height. This version only includes ASCII 33-127.

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