Armor Icons by Equipment slot with transparency

Armor Icons by Equipment slot with transparency


Here's Clint Bellanger's, Blarumyrran, crowline, and Justin Nichol's armor icons with transparent background. 

I had to erase the black background dot per dot because there is a lot of black in the items so you couldn't automatically cut the image out with select--->by color---> invert

I did this because I needed more items in Dusk and as a little Christmas gift to the open-source community

Merry christmas and happy new year.

Edit:  Original work

Crowline made the cloth items and made them have transparency to help out people who wanted these with transparancy.

I was inspired by crowline to make all these that are 64X64 (thats what I need for Dusk)  with transparancy because then they could be used by more games!

This actually took me more then 5 minutes per item so add that up and you've got a couple hours.  This is not your automatic wave of a magic wand and 10 seconds later boom!finished!  I put some love in this because I like nice art and I want to see nice art in as many games as possible.

I've added a comparison (by placing the armor in it's natural enviroment--grass--) to show that the automatic method is not always the proper or best way to do this sort of thing.  The set of armor on the left is mine (fits in) on the right is MrBeast's automatic method (black boarder makes it stand out and not fit in).  The reason I know having the black boarder isn't right is because I am picky and if you look at crowline's transparancy's work you'll notice no black boarder!

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