700+ RPG Icons

700+ RPG Icons


Hi all! My first post to OpenGameArt! Since I'm no artist myself, I thought what I would do is submit someone elses. This art is from a Reddit user by the name of Lorc. From the original post:

Seven hundred eighty-nine at the moment. Made by me, so they vary wildly in quality. They're mostly traditional fantasy themed but with a few oddballs.

They're black and white, designed to be easily modifiable. Stencils, gradients, paint-overs, whatever. The six colour ones at the start of the imgur album are a five minute scribble-job to show the kind of thing I'd expect people to do to them.

If you want to use them for your game, or indeed any other purpose, feel free. I'd get a kick out of someone putting them to good use, so do let me know if you make something cool with them.

Read the full Reddit thread <here>. More previews can be found <here>. An attribution to "Lorc" is required if you use these.


If you read down in the comments, BartK mentions a website where someone else is continuing and improving this collection, including SVG versions of the icons. Seems to be updated with new icons regularly. The website is http://game-icons.net/. Thanks go to BartK for finding this!

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