8x8 ASCII Bitmap Font, with C source

8x8 ASCII Bitmap Font, with C source

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This is a simple 32x32 bitmap font I made as a byproduct of messing about with Xlib. Because of its a power of 2 sizing, it should be able to be resized easily, even if you're writting your own render.

font.png is a screenshot of the output of my rendering text using font.c.
font.zip contains font.c, which is just a C array of 64bit unsigned integers, these are the original bitmaps for the 8x8 font which I resized 4x to get font.png.

Note the font.c is licensed GPLv3 or later only, the font.png is also licensed GPLv2 and CC-BY-SA.

font.png font.png 2.3 Kb [4215 download(s)]
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